How did you come up with name Soccerology?
Great question? Since a little boy I saw the world as a friendly place where you can play and have everything connected to the the best game in whole world Soccer.  Soccerology is the way you can imagine everything to be connected to family. The way we are together as wife/husband, kids, parents being brought together as a team. Everyone is working together and helping each other to success for a common goal. How we work with others in business is the same way. There is someone on top as owner = president of the company and manager = coach and employees = players on the field. The love for the game is everywhere around us.
How did you come up with name Belchev Soccer Academy?
My name is Dimitar Belchev and my nickname as long as I can remember has been Belchev. When I played for National Team the coaches introduced me to other players as,  “Left forward,” “Belchev,” before each game in the locker room.  In those early days I dreamed one day to have my own Academy and share all the lessons  learned from teammates and players all over the world. The closest and meaningful name to use was Belchev.  Then Belchev Soccer Academy was born.
What improvements should I receive from my form?
Expectations are always high on the field with BSA. I believe if you trust the process the result will come to you. It is not going to be easy but the improvements you will achieve will amaze you in time. Very simple formula.  You give me your 100%, and believe in yourself 100%.  I will give you my all!
Can you train me if I lived outside New York, NY?
Yes! Every student has been one click away through email and Skype for advise, questions, training programs, injuries recovery and tryout preparation. This year I will mentor 32 players who are so dedicated to the game and have my full support for everything they need. For training please send email to
How do you find the time to train and do everything else?
Time is the most valuable assets we have. If you reallly have a vision and focus you can always find time to do your training.  Before school, after school, before bed, on vacation, or at home. Remember it is your focus and nothing should distract you. If you feel there is no time in your daily routine or you struggle to find time. I encourage you to send me email and I will respond to you for advice.
How often do you train?
My training is very structured to your goal  and what your working to achieve. Typically I train 6 days per week with 3 days double training.  It sounds like a lot but a lot of my player enjoy the time very much.  If you have a goal you can easily manage to set what is preferable for you.
Can I lose weight following BSA training program?
I am not weight specialist but what I have seen in my expirience with my students and players is to suggest a healthy diet. The training at BSA is very intensive and the natural outcome is great fit body and proper posture. I had a players who had a difficult time at sprinting.  But through practice and a healthy diet there game has become faster in the pitch.
What are the minimum sessions to sign up for?
This is question I received all the time. The minimum time you can sign in is for a month. I value my time and efforts to each player and want to see results. Results are not coming after 1hr sessions or twice a month.  My relationships with players are for a long term and I want to see commitment from both parent and players. 90% of my students work with me for more then 6 months and 80% for over 1 year.
Are you available for coaching?
Before we go to the next step with coaching I would need from you to tell me what do you want from the game and what is your vision as a soccer player. Yes I am available for coaching? Please email me!
Do you have any specific regimen and routine?
The secrets of a daily routine and regimen is crucial. Yes I have my own routine set up for your expectations after evaluating your needs.  I will then share a regimen which we will then work on in practice.  From training, exercise, techniques, tricks, to sleeping habits and many more.
What age group are you training?
The beauty of the game is everyone learns and grows. From the little girl who received a soccer ball for her birthday to the graduate college player who is ready to step in to the professional field.  We learn everyday. I myself as a student of the game for over 25 years still learns from my youngest players.
Why is BSA is different from the rest?
BSA Academy gives its personal attention to each player and developing new generation players.  At BSA you have everything you need to be successful player.
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